Rules and how to play football

How To Play Soccer

A major part of the sport’s great allure is its simplicity, but if you are a little unsure of the basics, this section will help you understand how to play soccer. From field dimensions to the famous offside trap, how to play the sport and implement formations, the articles below will plug the gaps in your knowledge.


This section will help those new to soccer understand the rules of the sport, what equipment to use and common injuries sustained on the field.

How to

Whether you are a beginner who has never set foot on a pitch, or a more advanced player, these articles demonstrate the basics of how to play soccer and shore up your technique.


A selection of soccer drills that will help coaches and players develop their games.


While the quality of player at a coach’s disposal is the fundamental factor in how a team performs, how they are deployed can also have a decisive influence on the course of a game.

Tips For Soccer Parents

The influence of soccer parents in developing a child’s game cannot be understated. The enthusiastic and encouraging parent who plays soccer with their child, supports them in the youth leagues and offers advice off the field can only aid their development. But there are also some practices to avoid.

Professional Competition

A guide to some of the world’s biggest club competitions. These articles detail the format of these competitions, how they can be won, the points system and qualification criteria.






ESPN Legends of Cricket – Top 25 Cricketers Of All Time

In 2001, ESPN, by forming an eminent panel of about 15 judges (mostly former greats like Hadlee, Benaud, Akram, Gavaskar, etc and about 2-3 cricket experts), made a list of the top 25 greatest cricketers of all time. They called the chapter ‘ESPN Legends of Cricket’. Very recently, ESPN joined hands with Cricinfo and merged that chapter with it.

After naming the top 25 legends, for namesake they extended the list and named the next 25 (to make it a total of 50 players), just like Cricinfo recently made 2 teams in it’s ‘All Time Test World XI’ chapter, one was the primary one, and the other for namesake.

Javed Miandad didn’t find a place in the top 25 list. It was when that list was extended, he found the 44th spot.

What’s interesting is that each one of his contemporaries in Viv Richards (3rd spot), Sunny Gavaskar (10th spot), Greg Chappell (17th spot) and Allan Border (25th spot) found a place in the top 25 list.

Here’s the list –

1. Don Bradman
2. Gary Sobers
3. Viv Richards
4. Shane Warne
5. Jack Hobbs
6. Dennis Lillee
7. Sachin Tendulkar
8. Imran Khan
9. Wally Hammond
10. Sunny Gavaskar
11. Ian Botham
12. Richards Hadlee
13. Keith Miller
14. W.G. Grace
15. Graeme Pollock
16. Malcolm Marshall
17. Greg Chappell
18. George Headley
19. Frank Worrell
20. Len Hutton
21. Wasim Akram
22. Kapil Dev
23. Steve Waugh
24. Barry Richards
25. Allan Border